Getting to Hollyhock

Morgan Tams, Conference Producer

Here are some basic guidelines to make getting to and from the conference even more enjoyable. As Cortes Island is remote, please pay careful attention to your travel plans.

First of all, please aim to arrive at Hollyhock no later than 6pm on June 19th. The conference begins at 6.30 with a delicious dinner. The conference will conclude at 12 noon on Sunday, June 23rd.

Coming by Car

  • First of all, carpool if you can! I will be sending out carpool emails very soon to attendees coming up from Vancouver and Victoria areas. We encourage you to self-organize rides to ensure the most affordable and low-impact travel to the conference. If anyone does not want their contact information sent out to other conference attendees, please let me know ASAP.

  • For those of you who have never been before, Cortes Island is located at the North end of the Salish Sea, two ferries away from Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

  • As we are moving into the busy tourist season, ferries from Campbell River to Quadra Island and from Quadra Island to Cortes Island can fill up quickly. Be sure to arrive early for a spot and double check your schedules.

  • Once you’re on Vancouver Island, the 4:30 ferry from Campbell River will get to Hollyhock just in time — however, we advise aiming for the 2:30 Campbell River Ferry, or earlier. That will get you to Hollyhock around 4, and will give you more time to settle in.

  • Please note that the ferry to Cortes Island leaves from a different terminal than the ferry from Campbell River. It is a 10 minute drive from the Quathiaski Cove ferry terminal to Heriot Bay ferry terminal, just follow the signs.

  • If you are adventurous and on foot, you and easily hitch a ride with people in the Cortes ferry lane (Lane #7). It’s a tradition! Just approach folks waiting in Lane 7, and ask for a ride to the Cortes Ferry. If you are on foot and catching the ferry, please call Hollyhock Registration at 1-800-933-6339 between 9am and 4pm to arrange your shuttle pickup once you arrive on Cortes.

  • Note that cell phone reception is spotty on the islands, so plan ahead!

Here’s the scoop on the ferry schedules:
Campbell River to Quadra Island
Quadra Island to Cortes Island

By purchasing and pre-loading a 'Discovery Card' at the ferry terminal, you can save 30% off the price of the ferry.  It's a significant deal for a car full of weirdo artists, but unfortunately the discount is limited to the Quadra and Cortes ferry routes only, and not the Vancouver ferries.

Coming by Water Taxi

If timing doesn’t work out for ferries, or you just don't wanna, you can park your car in town and catch a water taxi from Campbell River. Discovery Launch Water Taxis operate out of the bright yellow building on Fisherman's Wharf. Their link is here.

If there are 10 or more (Max 12) on a boat, it works out to be $30.00 per person for a 30 minute ride to Cortes. The more people on a boat, the cheaper it gets! I will be booking a Water Taxi leaving Campbell River at 3pm if there is enough interest.  Please email to book your spot.

Water taxi will be returning to Campbell River on June 23rd at 1:00pm
Please call Discovery Launch Water Taxis to book your spot: 250-287-7577

Coming by Seaplane

Seaplanes can be booked from Vancouver or Seattle direct to Cortes Island. We recommend booking with Corilair or Harbour Air. If you are travelling by seaplane, please call Hollyhock Registration at 1-800-933-6339 between 9am and 4pm to arrange your shuttle pickup once you arrive on Cortes. We will provide a complimentary shuttle service from the ferry dock, seaplane dock and water taxi to Hollyhock and back.

All of this info is also in a handy travel guide published by the good folks at Hollyhock.
If you have any travel questions, or any questions at all email Morgan at