Media that Matters conferences have been building a thriving community of practice in British Columbia, and North America, for the better part of two decades. We provide a relaxing, inspiring, peer-learning environment for content creators, enabling them to focus on deeper conversations about one another’s careers, passions, and the implications of being a media practitioner in the 21st century. Away from the pressures of our working lives, our we create a third-space, where boundaries can be pushed, friendships deepened, and valuable alliances are formed. The result: a stronger, more connected, more resilient media community.

Cross-pollination among disciplines has been a cornerstone of Media that Matters. The wider the variety of practices, the more varied the inspiration and the more robust the ideation.  We’ll explore new narratives and aesthetics that propel us into healthier relationships with one another and the planet, across a broad range of platforms and methodologies. While keeping open to new types of sessions and facilitation methodologies, over the years we have developed a consistent variety of sessions that unlock the potential in the room:

  • Creating feeling of security and  confidentiality amongst the group; 

  • Using several key presenters to stimulate ideas and potential discussions and alliances;

  • Giving everyone an opportunity to share snippets of their work;

  • For specific problem solving, organizing small peer feedback circles with even tighter confidentiality;

  • Based on the needs of the group, creating peer-learning “Focus Forums”, where attendees can self-organize of share ideas and knowledge;

  • And, as always a subtle but powerful player in the process has been nature itself, which sets a spacious tone for the entirety of the event. 


While they educate and inform through certain traditional learning sessions, what has set these events apart from others it the way they process that information. From the beginning, they have been structured to be generative in nature, gleaning the knowledge and experience of all attendees. While we have numerous seasoned experts on hand, the line between teacher and learner has been largely dissolved across all ages, cultures, and levels of experience.

The intimate size of the conferences has also been invaluable. So has the wilderness setting, removed the daily distractions of the urban experience. These factors alone have deepened the level of community and trust among those who have attended. These strong, collaborative relationships are continue to bear fruit in future endeavors.

Attendees have always gained lots of new ideas and information; but in the end, the friendships they make and the collective memory of community and collaboration remain with participants long after technology, funding strategies and distribution models change.

The real deliverables, the real value, will be the relationships and trust that will strengthen the media landscape and seed more meaningful projects across Canada and the rest of North America.

A schedule with specific session information will be posted as we determine the needs and offerings of the attendees.