“This is what networking should be – an actual connected community of friends supporting each other’s work, creativity, courage, excellence, and possibility – throughout the year, not just during the conference.” 

“A unique gathering--in a sublime setting--of some of the most innovative thinkers and doers working in media today. I gained insights from voices with deep experience, and came away with enduring friendships and shifted perspectives on several issues."
Mark Achbar , producer/director, The Corporation, Manufacturing Consent

“This afforded me a safe opportunity to "put my cards on the table" and refine my work. It was a rare chance to collectively step back and look at the media and humanity's course on planet earth, and to compassionately grapple with the difficult questions that arise from this courageous inquiry. “
Louis Fox, Founder, FreeRange Media

“Some get-togethers are like a sugar high – a quick up and down, leaving you pretty much where you were beforehand. But MtM feels like it’s a meal with much more to chew on, real protein.”
Steve Katz, Publisher, Mother Jones

“There is nothing as healing as being the presence of powerful people that are generous enough to hold up a mirror to yourself and reflect back to you all your personal strength.”
— Anne Glickman, Radio Producer, Austin Texas

“You have created a thoughtful venue for an underserved community of filmmakers. It's heartening to see their connection and friendship growing…”
Murray Battle, Knowledge Network

"Media That Matters is consistently one of the best conferences I attend each year. It made a huge difference to me, both personally and professionally”.
John Stauber, Executive Director, The Center for Media and Democracy

"Media that Matters has found the magic formula: Nature, nurture and professional development of the highest order.”
Gabriela Schonbach, Producer/Director, Omni Productions, Vancouver

“Each year I have left the conference with a deeper awareness of my own abilities and gifts. I have returned home two years in a row believing that I can do anything.”
— Jacob Beaton, Coppermoon Multimedia

“It was a stimulating time with 40+ creators of all ages: five days of dialogue, big groups, little groups, passionate dinner conversation and case studies- all about where media is, should be, might be and could be…”
Betsy Carson, Face to Face Media

“We spoke of needing a new story, to bring about the future that we want to see. That story begins at Media That Matters.”
Vanessa LeBourdais, Co-Founder, Dreamrider Productions