2016 Attendees

Jennifer Abbott — Director, Writer, Editor / The CorporationSea Blind, Brave New Minds

Tom Adair — Executive Director, B.C. Council of Film Unions

Josephine Anderson — FilmmakerInside Green

Leigh Badgley —  Transmedia Producer/ Filmmaker/Writer/Teacher/Speaker

Grant Baldwin —  Filmmaker,  Just Eat It and The Clean Bin Project

Sue Biely — Consultant, Synergist, Cultural Innovator Nudge Consulting

Jared Bone — Inspirit Foundation delegate

Barbara Borenstein — Producer / Director, Everyday Heroes

Joel Calvo — Calvo CapitalInvestor Pitch Presentation.

Andrea (Andy) Conte —  Filmmaker  

Greg Coyes — Filmmaker, Writer, Teacher / Good Medicine MediaSlow Media, Hundred Years Cafe

Lauren Dobell — Director of Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy, Vancity

Katherine Dodds — Impact Producer, Founder/Director, Hello Cool World.

Dana Ekblad — Owner, Dana Media Productions

Brent Friedman — Roadhouse Interactive, Lucasfilm, Artifact Technologies

Patricia Friedman — Director of Programming & Production, Whidbey TV

Tracey Friesen — Author, Story Money Impact and Program Director, Roundhouse Radio

Dallas Gislason — Economic Development Officer, Greater Victoria Development Agency and the YYJ Prosperity Project

Susan Grossman — Director, UBC's Centre for Community Engaged Learning

Callista Haggis — Documentary Filmmaker and Knowledge Broker, Knowledge Mobilization Studio, CHHM/UBC

Laura Harris — Head of Development and Production,  NationBuilder /  Actress

Nesa Huda — Inspirit Foundation delegate; Filmmaker, Beyond the Veil and Welcome to Canada

Judy Jackson — Filmmaker, Judy Films

Kathleen Jayme — Inspirit Foundation delegate. Filmmaker, Paradise Island

Lizzy Karp,  Communications Manager at TELUS Optik Local & STORYHIVE

Annelise Larson — Digital Media & Marketing Strategist & Consultant, Veria.ca & Becoming a Storypreneur. Storypreneur online courseThe Other Side TV

Jordan Leibel — Documentary Filmmaker, Filmseed.org. CTV Regina

Krista Loughton — Documentary Filmmaker, Us & Them

Ian Mackenzie — Filmmaker, Amplify HER. New paradigm media activist

Teresa Marshall — Independent Filmmaker and social justice activist

Michelle Mason — Instructor, Documentary Program - Motion Picture Arts at Capilano University

Marsha McLeod — Studio [Y] Fellow & Co-Founder of the Built Environment Media

Carol-Lynne Michaels — Digital Content StrategistOne Net Inc. Board member ViFPA and MediaNet

Rick Miller — Filmmaker at Dragonfly DocumentaryVimeoFacebook

Iris Moore — Animator

Susan Murray — Professor, Film and Media Production, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning / Documentary Filmmaer

Carmen Pollard — Filmmaker, Artist, Story and Picture Editor

Patti Poskitt —  Line Producer, Second Son Productions

Chris Riley — Strategist, Consultant

Andy Robertson — Filmmaker. Chair, ViFPA. Board member, CineVic

Jacques Russo  — Whisper Films / Executive Producer, Us & Them 

Jen Rustemeyer  — Filmmaker,  Just Eat It and The Clean Bin Project

Gary Turner — Barbershop Films

Liz Shorten — Managing VP, Operations & Member Services, Canadian Media Producers Association, B.C.

Joel Solomon — Investor for change. president of Renewal Partners, chairman of Renewal FundsHollyhockSocial Venture Institute

Neil Vokey — Filmmaker /Capilano University delegate

Amar Wala — Inspirit Foundation delegate. Documentary Filmmaker, The Secret Trial 5

Bill Weaver — Filmmaker, media strategist, Across Borders Media. Founder, Media that Matters conferences

Andrew Williamson — Producer/Director Off Island Media

Kaeli Yarwood —  Freelance writer, visual video and photography artist, speech writer, blogger. The Ombiance BusLiving Free blog