To get the most out of this unique conference, we need to know all we can about what each of us is up to. Doing so will up the level of conversation and collaboration at The Nature of Media. Here are some ways we make the most out of our time together:


  • Look over the attendees list on our web site ( and let us know if we have included the best link for you and your work.

  • Go to the Nature of Media 2019 Facebook group. Use this area to post one or two links of your work - but don’t overdo it. This is the best way to showcase trailers, articles, etc. Keep this page bookmarked and refer to it daily if you can, as more attendees will be posting their information. 

During the Conference

  • Early in the gathering, if you are so moved, we’ll have a session where everyone gets 2 minutes to tell the group what your current project / problem / passion is. Be prepared!

  • After our evening sessions, we’ll have the session space and our A/V equipment available for showings, problem solving; this is for sites or short trailers /  examples, not entire films.  

  • We have pretty good internet all over the campus, so you can also share your work with smaller clusters in and around the lodge when we are not in session.

  • However, because of our remote location, our internet will be slower that what you are used to. If you have pieces you want to show after hours, or in sessions, hard copies or downloaded versions of anything you'd like to screen is likely the most reliable option.


  • On our website, you’ll see an exclamation point to the right of our headings. This will take you to a password - protected page with travel / arrival information  and a confidential Google Sheet of this year’s participants.  There, you can add or change any information about yourself, and how to connect with new and old friends.