photo: Bill Weaver

As storytellers in volatile times, we need fresh approaches that cut through rhetoric, dissolve boundaries, and inspire stewardship of a planet in crisis.

Our relationship to media and technology must evolve. What are the skill sets, business models, engagement strategies, and emerging technologies that can be employed to build bridges and to connect polarized communities? How does a storyteller stimulate wonder, curiosity, and ultimately action amidst a largely apathetic audience? What is the role of media at this stage in our human evolution?  

We’re also at a cultural crossroads. How can we better support media makers of all cultural backgrounds? What does it mean to ‘decolonize’ media production and distribution and rebuild our relationship with how we consume, produce and market media? How do we open our audiences to new world views and create flow states that support reflection, dialogue, and a deeper relationship with nature?

Join us as we challenge assumptions and explore new media modalities and collaborations at one of North America's most unique and intimate media gatherings. We’ll discuss narratives and aesthetics that appeal to new regions of the mind, and re-examine our relationships with technology, creativity, storytelling and community across a broad range of platforms and methodologies.

Along with new approaches in documentary and dramatic films, emergent technologies are merging with traditional forms of art. They also spark more questions: are these better ways to instill empathy and action? How do they dovetail into traditional storytelling models? Who are the thought leaders in this type of work? How can we reach broader audiences? And how do we support a shift in racial, gender, and power norms in the current media climate?  

Come prepared to think big in a powerful natural landscape, and to engage with inspiring work. We’ll learn, mentor, cross-pollinate, and reinvigorate — all amidst the beautiful, rejuvenating surroundings of Hollyhock, and the unceded traditional territories of the Klahoose, Tla'amin and Homalco First Nations on Cortes Island, British Columbia.


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