How can we energize our media passions and get the results we want?

This Spring we'll examine several groundbreaking film and storytelling projects and use their perspective, problems, and prowess to apply to everyone's work. Come be part of an expanding, tight-knit collective of creatives sharing their experience and connections to help one another make their media make a difference.

Join us for an intimate, co-creative experience that cross-pollinates across all genres and platforms of media. Amidst a spectacular wilderness setting, away from daily distractions, interact with your peers in an innovative format helps spark a better future for media makers, distributors, investors and audiences alike.  Media that Matters is a conference like no other, with community-building at its core.

For over 15 years, we've been empowering media makers and change agents who are passionate about making a positive impact on humanity and the planet. Besides learning storycrafting and strategies from experts, we also learn from one another.  By doing so, we collectively enhance the collegiality and trust that are critical for aligning the perfect alchemy of projects, talent, content, and resources.

Media that Matters is facilitated by Bill Weaver, Sue Biely, and Tracey Friesen. For a sense of the experience, check out our 2017 Story Money Impact Conference Report and the testimonials below. Register now for early bird discounts -- and If you have any questions, please contact us at info@mediathatmatters.org