Tracey's Book Is Out!!

Tracey's book now available!

STORY MONEY IMPACT: Funding Media for Social Change is a book about opportunity.  Many mission-aligned filmmakers, financiers and activists share common goals around impact.  Today, social-issues storytellers are sharpening their craft, while funders with finite resources focus on reach, and strategic innovators bring more robust impact evaluation tools.  STORY MONEY IMPACT illuminates the sweet spot at the core of these three pursuits. 

Structured around stories from the frontlines, this book reveals best practices in the fields of documentary, independent journalism and digital content. Readers learn five key story ingredients, five progressive financing sources and five impact strategies, while meeting people behind such seminal works as CITIZENFOUR, The Corporation, and Food Inc.  Practitioners and students of media, as well as those who may finance or employ it for social activism, will gain practical know-how and inspiration.