photo: Bill Weaver

Our creative relationships with media and technology must evolve. The Nature of Media is for professional and non-professional artists and media makers who want to shift polarizing world views and create flow states that inspire reflection, meaningful dialogue, and a deeper relationship with nature. Join us as we showcase, support, and encourage innovative approaches in new and traditional storytelling across a broad range of platforms and methodologies.

Both documentary and dramatic films have been exploring these new narratives and aesthetics -- as well as technologies like projection mapping, location-based storytelling, digital journalism, and virtual and augmented reality. In many cases, transmedia relationships are merging these with traditional arts such as poetry, photography, dance, and music. There is much territory to explore, as we examine the commonalities that these media share, the emergent philosophies behind them, and how to apply them to our own projects and campaigns.

As media makers, countless questions are facing us. How do we support a shift in racial, power and gender norms in the media landscape? How do we encourage consensus on climate change? What are the economic models for these new forms, and can they be ported to conventional narratives? How does technology dovetail into the documentary model? What are the distribution systems? How do we find broader audiences?  Where are the meeting points of a traditional and networked art practice? Who are the thought leaders in this type of work? What are today’s most effective transmedia strategies? And in the process, how do we promote a healthier relationship with technology?

Join Nettie Wild, Bill Weaver, and others as we explore the potential of both traditional and innovative forms of media as captivating antidotes to today’s divisive, dominant, runaway media climate. 

Come to learn, mentor, cross-pollinate, and reinvigorate — all amidst the beautiful, rejuvenating surroundings of Hollyhock, and the unceded traditional territories of the Klahosse, Tla'amin and Homalco First Nations on Cortes Island, British Columbia.

“You have created a thoughtful venue for an underserved community of filmmakers. It's heartening to see their connection and friendship growing…”  — Murray Battle, Knowledge Network

“It was a stimulating time with 40+ creators of all ages: five days of dialogue, big groups, little groups, passionate dinner conversation and case studies- all about where media is, should be, might be and could be…”      — Betsy Carson, Face to Face Media

“I continue to admire the work you’ve done over the years, the persistence, the quality of people and themes.” — Mark Achbar

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