Marten Berkman — Visual Artist / Interactive stereoscopic 3D video installationcinema, photography

Sue Biely — Consultant, Synergist, Cultural Innovator Nudge Consulting

Gregory Coyes — Filmmaker, Writer, Teacher / Good Medicine MediaSlow Media

Tracey Friesen —  Director of Communications and Engagement, David Suzuki Foundation, Author and Founder, Story Money Impact 

Emilee Gilpin — Lead Journalist, Indigenous Issues, National Observer

Michelle Grenier — Associate Creative Director, Obscura DIgital, San Francisco

Sachia KronDesigner, Marketer /The Immersive Forest

Morgan Tams —Filmmaker and Media Educator

Bill Weaver — Filmmaker, media strategist, Across Borders Media. Founder, Media that Matters conferences

Nettie Wild —  Filmmaker and Transmedia Producer, Canada Wild Productions