Tom Adair — BC Council of Film Unions

Anita Adams — Executive Director, First Weekend Club

Leanne AllisonFilmmaker: Being Caribou, Finding Farley, Bear 71

Allan Baedak — Filmmaker, Writer / Words, Pictures, and Music Media

Marten Berkman — Visual Artist / Interactive stereoscopic 3D video installationcinema, photography

Sue Biely — Consultant, Synergist, Cultural Innovator Nudge Consulting

Anna-Lea Boeki - Content Specialist, First Weekend Club

Katherine Brodsky - Director of Public Relations,  First Weekend Club

Eva Brownstein — Environmental and Social Justice-focused documentary filmmaker and cinematographer

Julia Bruk — Multimedia Maker, Visual Art Director, Curator (Borealis Festival of Light)

David Campion Artist / Activist

Ryan Elizabeth CopeActivist, Scientist, Storyteller

Gregory Coyes — Filmmaker, Writer, Teacher / Good Medicine MediaSlow Media

Patricia Dawn — Filmmaker and Youth Advocate: Red Willow Womyn's Society

Fran De La Luna — Project Coordinator at Hey Neighbour! City of Vancouver

Grégoire DupondVisual Artist

Tracey Friesen —  Author and Founder, Story Money Impact 

Emilee Gilpin — Lead Journalist, Indigenous Issues, National Observer

Michelle Grenier — Associate Creative Director, Obscura DIgital, San Francisco

Lisa Jackson — Film, VR, Multidisciplinary Artist

Sachia KronDesigner, Marketer / The Immersive Forest

Loretta Laurin — Communications Director, Hollyhock

Denise Lee — Community Organizer

Ian MackenzieFilmmaker / Lost Nation Road, Amplify Her, Occupy Love

Trevor Mack — Filmmaker

Michael MannAnimation Director, Graphic Designer, Social Impact Consultant

Matthew Monaghan — Social entrepreneur, Edmund Hillary Fellowship and Namaste Foundation

Priya Rao — Director of Content, First Weekend Club

Will SardinskyWill Sardinsky Media

Jill SharpeFilm and Interactive Producer & Director,/Artist

Matt Sinclair — VR Filmmaker, / Executive Director, Inscape Studios

Lindsay Marie Stewart Filmmaker, Creative Director, Pacific Wild

Morgan Tams — Filmmaker and Media Educator

Robyn Thomas Robyn Thomas Films

Jaap Verhoeven Aakaash Films

Jan Vozenilek  — Copper Sky Productions / lead cinematographer, Albatross

Bill Weaver — Filmmaker, media strategist, Across Borders Media. Founder, Media that Matters conferences

Rachel Lin Weaver — Assistant Professor of Creative Technologies in the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech

Nettie Wild —  Filmmaker and Transmedia Producer, Canada Wild Productions