We have work to do.

Our planet, our politics and our social systems are in crisis; threats like climate change need to be infused with hope, action and justice. Now more than ever, media professionals need to stimulate wonder, compassion, awareness and action.

To that end, we need to reimagine cinema, technology, creativity, and storytelling across a broad range of platforms and methodologies. We need narratives and aesthetics that appeal to different regions of the mind.

How do we open our audiences to new world views and create flow states that support reflection, dialogue, and a deeper relationship with nature? How do we move forward, embracing the challenges that confront us, while offering true and centred stories of practical hope?


The Nature of Media formula is simple: we create an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality for your passions, challenges, and possibilities. We have provocative plenaries to stimulate ideas; we showcase samples of our work; then, we collectively determine an agenda for the final part of the conference with peer-learning “Focus Forums”, where we self-organize to share ideas , knowledge, and questions:

What are the skill sets, business models, engagement strategies, and emerging technologies that can be employed to build bridges and connect polarized communities? What does it mean to ‘decolonize’ and “de-corporatize” media production and distribution and rebuild our relationship with how we consume, produce and market media? How can we better support media makers of all cultural backgrounds. as well as a shift in racial, gender, and power norms in the current media climate?

Peer feedback groups are another integral part of the gathering, and there’s plenty of time and space for networking and solidifying relationships. All of us benefit by sharing our successes and our failures in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.

photo credits: Bill Weaver