“…one of the best conferences I have ever been to — in that it isn't a conference at all.”

“..,a brilliant re-imaging of the Media that Matters series of conferences. From silent time in the ancient forest through transformative interactions with VR, from presentations on community media-making through campfire sing-alongs, we touched the full range of immersive storytelling.”

“Magical. The combination of incredible people in a sublime setting all held together with care by an experienced team is transformative.”

“…the perfect container to openly expose the raw and creative edge of media, as well as our responsibility as creators in these changing times.”

"I loved the low-stress grounded approach to The Nature of Media. I felt inspired and nurtured in a non-competitive environment where people and Nature were given the utmost respect."

“…an incredibly talented and accomplished group of media makers who instead of viewing each other as competition, have chosen to support each other as allies.”

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“...new friends from around the world and loads of inspiration. Feeling incredibly grateful for the work I do and the people and the experiences it has exposed me to.”

“A gathering of inspiring, passionate, talented and kind humans who are doing what is in their power to make the world more beautiful, just and kind.” 

photo credits: David Campion, Bill Weaver