For over 15 years, Media that Matters conferences have been empowering media makers who are passionate about making a positive impact on humanity and the planet. To that end, our curriculum reaches beyond storycrafting; it’s aimed at collectively exploring the crucial alchemy of compelling narrative, mission-aligned financing, and ingenious outreach strategies.  

Besides providing powerful tools for change agents, Media that Matters is dedicated to fostering a thriving renewal in media communities. Our conferences provide a unique opportunity to enhance the collegiality and trust necessary to align projects, talent, content, and resources.

Join us for an intimate, co-creative experience that cross-pollinates across all genres and platforms. Amidst a spectacular wilderness setting, away from daily distractions, our innovative format helps spark a better future for media makers, distributors, investors and audiences alike.

For a sense of the SMI experience, check out our 2017 Conference Report and the testimonials below.  Registration will begin later this year.  In the meantime, If you have any questions, please contact us at info@mediathatmatters.org